Thursday, 22 November 2012

Day 14 - Last clinic day for 2012!!!!!

Today was our last day at clinic and we were all excited, but at the same time, extremely sad. Seeing and interacting with the poorest of the poor has allowed me to understand and value the fortune that we have at home. It has been such a pleasure to work the Filipino people and we had the company of amazing volunteers.

Our last day at Santa Mesa was busy but one of the best days I had on this trip. The feeling of exhaustion was overcome when we arrived at clinic and, like all the other days, there was a large line up of people waiting for us. Registration got easier day by day; the types of questions that we were suppose to ask became second nature. The flow of the overall clinic ran smoother and the days began to feel like routine. There was nothing routine about the smiles that we received though. All the patients had their own way of expressing their appreciation to us and every smile was memorable; we even had an elderly patient sing to us. I could not have asked for a better mission. We are thankful for all those that helped us along the way, including the Honorable Vice Mayor, Isko Moreno, and his volunteers, Andronica Roma, and many more. TWECS members started off as individuals, then we became a team, and now we are family.

TWECS Team Member
The never ending line up of approximately 550 patients within 8.5 hours.
Barangay 600 (administrative division) serves the patients breakfast soup while conducting the examinations.
Dilation drops put into patients' eyes by Dr. Roma-March for eye health check.
TWECS 2012 team and volunteers pose for the last group picture at the clinic.

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  1. Great job. Thanx Rodger & Brian.

    Your mail box is full, Rodger.