Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Day 5 - The Word Has Spread!

A sea of patients were seated and waiting for us at 7:30 AM. We greeted them with a good morning and received a joyful and appreciative response.

The never ending lineup - No one in this culture believes in pushing and shoving to get first service. They all waited patiently to be registered with their fellow brothers and sisters of the city.
Amazing volunteers from the vice-mayor's office that stuck with us all day. Their presence made our jobs 1000X simpler!

A team serving with nothing but smiles on their faces.

Communication is key, and Jewel went bac to the basics with the "thumbs up", telling the patient he was doing a great job.

Dr. Roma-March and Dr. Marcantonio welcome the students from Manila Central University(MCU). Their knowledge and eagerness to learn greatly benefited the flow of our stations.

This little girl first came in very timid (like most of the children we've seen) but slowly warmed up to the volunteers, figuring out that we're only here to help her. Brenda works very well with children!

The students from MCU observed at each stations very intently and performed each action with ease, displaying their knowledge and skills.

Adjustments were made on all glasses in the dispensing station to make the patients feel like their new glasses are truly their own.

All were happy to be at PNR: TWECS members, volunteers, patients, and their family members.
Nothing says thank you better than a smile and a hug.

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