Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Day 6 - Last day at Philippine National Railways

Day 3 of clinic and we saw about 800 patients today; there were lineups of people everywhere!!! Once again, I saw many people with severe cataracts, much more advance than we would ever see in practice back at home. The most heart-wrenching reality here is that we are not able to offer treatment to every patient who needs it. Eye diseases, cataracts and possibly some infections may go untreated because we do not have enough resources to provide everyone with "first world" vision care. It is the second day where we have local final-year optometry students work with us, and it was incredibly helpful to having them translate and assist. The effects of different visual issues are much better translated and explain by optometry-educated translators. Prescriptions were written today for people who needed very high powered glasses, who hadn't had glasses for years, if ever. It is amazing how our team can care for so many people in a matter of 10 or so hours. Tomorrow is a whole different scenery as we will be moving clinic sites. The anticipation is present, but my tiredness drowns all other feelings out. Tiredness never felt so rewarding.

Fellow Doctor
TWECS Team Member
Arrival of the team at 7:30 AM for the last clinic day at PNR when nearly 800 patients had their eyes examined within 9 hours.

Team members never forget to laugh and have fun.

"Brigida Quillosa" Is an 84 year old lady that came in during the first hour of registration with the biggest smile and feistiest of energy, even though by far the most petite, frail little lady with the tiniest arms and legs weighing maybe 80 pounds. Brigida has never seen any day to day activity on the streets of her neighbourhood as she is nearsighted to the point of blindness. We were able to find a beautiful pair of -10.00 eyeglasses to match "what the TWECS Doctor ordered". "I can see all the people now" were her first words. In addition to helping her see distance Brigida also received a pair of reading glasses that she was also very grateful for. Thanks to our leader Dr. Marina Roma-March, who makes miracles like this possible.
Brenda Tosoff,
TWECS Team Member

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