Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The day of our flight to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Good morning all, on Monday, Christina, Marina, Derrick, Alf and I finished the final pack of readying the boxes for shipment… glasses, meds., equipment, etc. yes, all 26 boxes. Derrick gave me a two minute quick explanation of the refractor (boy am I nervous). At 1PM today we load the rental van… then tonight it is to the airport… the adrenalin rush is mounting… new places, new faces (team members), new experiences, new challenges, and hopefully many new exciting stories. I know that I am not ready (forgot something) but I’m on a mental high J. See you all on the plane, I’m looking forward to meeting you all.
Rodger, New Westminster, BC

27 boxes and equipment loaded by Derrick march and Rodger Konkle on November 7th to transfer from the warehouse to YVR.

Last minute reinforcements while we await more team members to arrive at the YVR! 
 I am on my way to the airport to meet up with the TWECS Team to join them on a charity mission to the Philippines. This will be my fourth mission with TWECS. The preparation for my first trip made me quite anxious in many ways. First, as a "fashionista" I was totally stressed out about the 15 pound luggage limit. There were several people thinking I wouldn't make it. I did it and the experience was so amazing I continue to sign up for more. This trip I look forward to working with Dr. Marina Roma-March and other team members I was so privileged to work with on past missions - Robert Dawson, Nica Roma and Dr. Pasquelina . Also very exciting is getting know my new teammates! Most of all I look for to meeting another "Ruby", a 32 yr old laundry worker who came in to get her -1.00 eyeglasses fixed. I was able to find her a nice pair of -8.00 ou, her true Rx. I will never forget the look in her eyes when she was able to see for the very first time, even with her tears of happiness.
Brenda Tosoff
TWECS Team Member
Happy to have checked in the 27 boxes of glasses and clinic equipment at YVR.  
T minus 16 hours prior to arrival
One by one team members filed into the Vancouver International Airport, each timidly approaching the rest of the team. After some basic introductions, we all started feeling a little bit more comfortable and the hustle and bustle started. We successfully reinforced all the boxes while we waited for the rest of the team to arrive. Check in started at 8:30 pm and from there, we were on our way. The staff at YVR were helpful and our 27 boxes of glasses and equipment were weighed and transferred
to special baggage with ease. The flight was long but pleasant and before we knew it the PA announcement on the plane was welcoming us to Manila, Philippines.
Jessica Tu
TWECS Team Member

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